Picnic season!! πŸŽ€

Picnic season!! πŸŽ€

I know the weather is still chilly but the sunlight is pretty warm during the day!

I went to San Diego recently, and it was so peaceful πŸ™‚

Β It had been a long time since I hadn't gone for the picnic.

I was really excited, so I dressed up and it was mistake πŸ™„

It was uncomfortable to sit down on the grass and I had to care of my clothes all the time.

I don't want y'all to make mistake like me,

so here are some comfy clothes for the picnic ✌

    They are linked 🧑

    Jumpsuits are comfy but stylish, and they're wide-leg so it is easy to move!

    You can match with shirts and cardigan if the shade is too cold 🀧


    Have fun withΒ Movint πŸ™Œ


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